Corrugated Metal Roofing and Ribbed Metal R-Panels for Homes

Modern advances of coating steel sheets with a layer of zinc and aluminum, make corrugated metal roofs a viable economical alternative to conventional roofs, and premium metal roofs.

Corrugated Metal Roofing Panels

Corrugated metal roofing systems available today offer high degree of corrosion resistance, energy efficiency, as well as environmental and economic (affordable) sustainability.

Many corrugated steel roofing sheets contain over 30% of recycled steel post consumer content, which qualifies it for LEED credit awarded by the green building council.

There are also high quality paint finishes available for corrugated metal roofs. High quality Kynar 500 paint finishes applied over corrugated metal roofs will make this type of system cooler temperature-vise, more energy efficient, and long lasting. Energy savings of over 30% can be attained with the use of ultra cool metal roofing systems.

Corrugated and ribbed (R-panel) metal roofs are usually made out of 29-ga (G-60 steel) or 26-ga/24-ga (G-90 steel) galvanized steel sheet roofing panels with exposed fasteners.

Helpful Fact: 26 gauge/24 gauge G-90 steel is a thicker grade of steel than G-60 (29 gauge steel), with a thicker galvanic aka zinc coating, which is better for residential uses.

Corrugated steel roofs are energy efficient, environmentally friendly, green aka sustainable, and most importantly, they are affordable. Made out of a relatively thin sheet metal (typically 29-ga or 26-ga coated steel), corrugated metal roofs costs less than metal shingles or standing seam. They can be a practical alternative solution for commercial, agricultural, industrial, and sometimes residential buildings including and structures.

corrugated metal roof on a ranch house

Corrugated metal roofs are comprised out of corrugated sheet metal panels that are typically 32 to 36 inches wide. The panels are connected in a side-by-side overlapping fashion. To attain water-tightness, the caulk has to be used at the points of overlap in between the metal panels. Corrugated steel panels are secured in place by exposed fasteners.

One disadvantage of using exposed fasteners is that water may leak through if the exposed fasteners become loose over time.

Did you know? To keep corrugated metal roofs watertight, the exposed fasteners often must be re-tightened every 10 – 15 years. Therefore, this is not a maintenance free roof.

The main advantage of a corrugated metal roofing system is that it is relatively cheap compared to the price of metal shingles and standing-seam roofs. You can cover a large roof area with corrugated metal roofing.

As with most metal roofs, there are premium material choices available for corrugated roofs. For instance, you can get aluminum corrugated sheet roofing panels, which will last longer than steel.

There are also stainless steel corrugated panels available to you. Of course, this will cost slightly more, but the higher price may be justified because you will ultimately get a longer lasting roof.

Although, corrugated sheet roofing systems are primarily used for agricultural, industrial, and commercial uses, they can also be used for some residential homes.

If you are planning to save money on the installation of a new metal roof, then consider installing a corrugated metal roofing system made out of G-90 galvanized steel, Galvalume (zinc and aluminum coated steel), or aluminum.

Tip: If you value durability and energy-efficiency, be sure to select Kynar 500 coated metal panels coupled with a CoolRoof rated color finish to ensure a long lasting, durable, and energy-efficient roof.

Corrugated Steel Panels


As a last word of advice, I would like to remind you that corrugated metal roofing systems are very competitively priced, and the cost of labor to install it will be your biggest expense.

Therefore, it makes a lot of financial sense for you to pick a longer lasting corrugated metal roofing system for your home, garage, or shed. Be sure to choose one of the following: Galvalume, galvanized G-90 (26 gauge, 24 gauge, and 22 gauge) steel, zinc, or aluminum in favor of a less expensive G-60 galvanized (29 gauge) steel. Also, be sure to select a system that has a premium paint finish.

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