Standing Seam Metal Roofing Costs in 2022


Standing seam roofs have many advantages over other kinds of roofing. They are energy efficient and environmentally safe, which makes them a popular option for sustainable / green roofing retrofits as well as new construction projects.

Standing seam metal roofs installed right can last well over fifty years with little to no maintenance. Additionally, they shed snow and ice and are resistant to storm winds, hail, and fire.

Most manufacturers offer systems rated for up to 110 mph and greater wind uplift. – Because of all of these advantages, the higher cost of metal, and a more tedious and technically involved installation process, standing seam metal roofing initial costs are often two to three times higher compared to more traditional composition shingle roofs.

metal roof on a house


The price for a standing seam metal roofing materials and labor may vary from supplier to supplier. The price per square foot also depends on the total square footage of materials needed for the project.


For a very small batch order of standing seam metal panels such as for a porch roof only, you may have to pay as much as a $650 to $750 for 100 square feet of materials, plus trim (small batch orders are typically more expensive).

However, for a larger order such as the entire roof, your materials will cost between $400.00 to $600.00 per square (100 square feet), depending on the metal thickness, profile, color, and delivery method (pre-fabricated or roll-formed on site).

The cost of labor for a standing seam metal roof will generally be quite high due to specialized skills and tools required to install it. You can expect to pay anywhere from $1,250.00 to $1,850.00 per square (100 square feet) of standing seam metal panels fully installed (materials, installation, permits, warranty).

Getting a cash discount on materials from a metal roofing distributor / supplier

Some roofing and building materials supply companies may offer discounts on purchases that are paid in cash.

While it is true that using credit cards is more convenient for customers, it is more of an inconvenience for the store due to merchant credit card fees and potential charge-backs.

If you are a DIY type and you make it clear that you can pay for the purchase with cash, then the roofing supply store might be more willing to give you a discount.


Should you Consider a Do It yourself Approach?

If you have the time and skills necessary to install standing seam metal roofing on your small garage or shed, then you can save a lot of money by doing installation by yourself or with some help from a friend.

If you do not have the ability nor experience, it is best to leave this job to the professionals. There is a high chance of you making multiple mistakes, especially if you have zero experience with metal roofing. Not to mention that the whole process can be very dangerous.

Buying Materials

If you choose to hire a contractor, make sure that you are involved in choosing your materials for your new roof, as well as asking specific questions to help you better understand benefits and advantages of a particular system.

Learn About Warranties

Before purchasing anything from the store and availing the services of any contractor, you should first ask about the warranties that come along with the standing seam metal roofing and other products, and the contractor’s services.

If a certain option seems a little too expensive, weigh it out with its warranty. It would not be a bad idea to go for a more expensive contractor if a lifetime warranty is being offered on materials and labor.

Although the upfront cost will be relatively high, you will eventually save money on maintenance fees, reduced cooling costs, and not having to re-roof again. πŸ˜‰

Roof Replacement Cost in 2022 – Definitive Guide for Homeowners

The less you know about what goes into a roof repair or total replacement, the more your head starts spinning when bids from different contractors start coming in. πŸ˜‰


One company is only going to charge you $5,000 for materials, but they include about three weeks worth of labor. Another business gives you a bid for $15,000 and they can be done in just two days!?

A third company comes in telling you that the whole roof, sheathing, fascia, etc. needs replacing and it’s a $20,000 job! And so on and so forth.

Therein lies the importance of two responsibilities from the homeowner:

  • researching a company’s background before asking for a bid
  • getting several bids from pros, perhaps companies from different areas

That being said, what good is getting five different bids if they’re all in cahoots to railroad you? This is why it’s important to know what goes into a roof repair or replacement, what the average costs for each are, and what you should legitimately expect to pay for a quality job. So let’s get into it:

Condition of the Old Roof

About 80% of homes in the U.S are covered in asphalt shingles1. Asphalt roofs have the distinction of not only being the most prevalent, but also the material with the shortest lifespan, so it constitutes a majority of the roofing jobs for contractors in your area.

Most homeowners, choose to either replace their current asphalt roof with new composition shingles, metal tiles, or standing seam.

For most homeowners, a new roof is not a pet project like turning a basement into a man cave, it’s a mandatory job, because with a leaky roof, the kitchen is slowly converting into an aquarium. πŸ˜‰

Some asphalt roofs have supposed lifespans of up to 20-30 years, but the truth is they start showing wear in about 10 years.

If the granules have degraded and the shingles are starting to curl, it’s best for a new roof replacement. If only a few shingles have blown off because of a wind storm, they can be replaced in minutes.

If a new roof is needed, you must decide what to do with the old roof. The obvious choice would be to tear it off and start anew, but that adds a lot of labor to the job.

Many homeowners are surprised that their roof tear-off can take 3-4 days when installing a new one is done in an afternoon. They’ve also never had a single old shingle crumble into about 19 pieces when you’re trying to carry it off, nor have they known the joy of pulling up 20,000 nails. πŸ˜‰

It is possible to shingle over top of the old materials, but you may be putting lipstick on a pig, so to speak, just to save some money. This may be an especially poor course of action, if the plywood sheathing underneath is rotted and failing, thus leading to an early demise of your new roof.

Understanding Roofing Squares

Roofing measurements are hard to understand simply because they couldn’t think of a term besides square to define the dimensions. Most people understand a square to be a square foot, the standard measurement for home living area blocked out in 12” X 12” increments.

A roofing square however is a 10′ X 10′ block. Therefore, your roof’s surface might be 2,200 square feet, but will only need 22 square of roofing materials.

Understanding roofing square is important because that’s how contractors charge for materials and labor, even for tearing off the old roof. Contractors might charge up to $200 per square to remove a few layers of old shingles, depending on whether there are 2-3 layers underneath that were roofed over previously, and whether the roof pitch is very steep.

The number of roofing squares represents the first line item to get in your quote – how much per square to tear off the old roofing layers?

More than Just Top Roofing Surface

No matter what type of roof you’re sourcing to have put on (asphalt, slate, clay, wood, metal), understand that the surface price is only a fraction of the total cost of materials. — This is because there are many layers and features underneath that help make the roof a properly-ventilated, waterproof, cohesive unit.

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Metal Roofing Costs – Benefits, Myths, and Pros & Cons

Metal is a durable, long-lasting, energy efficient and environmentally-safe alternative to conventional asphalt shingle roofs.

Homeowners love the looks and benefits that metal roofs have to offer, but you may still wonder “how come not everybody has a metal roof on their home?”

Aside from the general lack of awareness and perpetuation of the old myths and untruths like “metal roofs being noisy in the rain”, “they are not that good looking” or “they look like a barn”, and “metal roofs are easily susceptible to corrosion”, it is the fact that on average, a metal roof has a higher initial upfront cost of investment compared to the ubiquitous asphalt shingles.

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