Corrugated Metal Roofing and Ribbed Metal R-Panels for Homes

Modern advances of coating steel sheets with a layer of zinc and aluminum, make corrugated metal roofs a viable economical alternative to conventional roofs, and premium metal roofs.

Corrugated Metal Roofing Panels

Corrugated metal roofing systems available today offer high degree of corrosion resistance, energy efficiency, as well as environmental and economic (affordable) sustainability.

Many corrugated steel roofing sheets contain over 30% of recycled steel post consumer content, which qualifies it for LEED credit awarded by the green building council.

There are also high quality paint finishes available for corrugated metal roofs. High quality Kynar 500 paint finishes applied over corrugated metal roofs will make this type of system cooler temperature-vise, more energy efficient, and long lasting. Energy savings of over 30% can be attained with the use of ultra cool metal roofing systems.

Corrugated and ribbed (R-panel) metal roofs are usually made out of 29-ga (G-60 steel) or 26-ga/24-ga (G-90 steel) galvanized steel sheet roofing panels with exposed fasteners.

Helpful Fact: 26 gauge/24 gauge G-90 steel is a thicker grade of steel than G-60 (29 gauge steel), with a thicker galvanic aka zinc coating, which is better for residential uses.

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