Metal Roof Colors & Options

With metal roofing, your choice of colors is truly limitless. — This is especially true if you choose to go with a system such as standing seam, which can be roll-formed from a metal coil of any color you may desire.

While most suppliers offer a standard array of colors for a particular system, you can always request a custom color for the system of your choice.

It may cost you a bit more than what you would normally pay for a sheet metal roofing profile delivered in one of the standard colors, but for the right price the flexibility is certainly there if you need it.

If you are not sure about a particular color choice, then check out color charts on MetalRoofing.Systems to see what particular color will best match the shape and exterior color of a house similar to yours.

Standing seam metal roof colors

Aside from a choice of colors, you will also want to give some consideration to a type of metal roofing system you want. While, with standing seam your colors choices are really quite abundant, with a system such as metal shingles you may be limited to standard set of colors offered by the system’s manufacturer.

In my experience with steel shingles, I found that most homeowners prefer Sequoia Red and Vermont Blue colors for their metal roofs. See the examples below:



Aside from colors, you can also choose either glossy or matte finish with your color. The choice of glossy vs. matte paint finish will largely depend on your own preference.

Regardless of the choice of color, make sure that your system is warrantied against paint peeling and chipping. — Most manufactures use Kynar 500 paint finish equivalent that comes with 30 year warranty against peeling and chipping of the paint finish.

Good Luck with your metal roofing project!

Metal Roofing Costs – Benefits, Myths, and Pros & Cons

Metal roofing is a far superior, energy efficient and environmentally safe roofing alternative to conventional asphalt roofs.

Naturally, many homeowners who become aware of the many great benefits that metal roofs have to offer, will consider installing metal roofing on their property. This rightfully brings up the question: how come not everybody has metal roofs on their homes?

Aside from the general lack of awareness and perpetuation of the old myths and untruths about metal roofs being noisy in the rain, not that good looking, and easily susceptible to corrosion, it is the fact that on average, a metal roof has a higher initial cost of investment compared to the ubiquitous asphalt shingles.

Generally speaking, metal roofing costs approximately double of what you would normally pay for asphalt shingles installation by a professional contractor in good standing, who has their licenses and insurances in check.

Standing Seam Metal Roof on a residence

Materials Only Costs – Overview

Metal shingles, the basic kind of a metal roofing system, cost about $250 to $350 per square for G-90 galvanized steel shingles, $350 to $450 per square for aluminum shingles, and $1,000 to $1,400 per square for copper shingles.

Standing seam sheet metal panels cost about $350 to $550 per square for the materials, plus trim (This does not include the cost of labor). Prices provided here include all the necessary trim and metal flashing.

Note: If you are planning to take on the installation of a new metal roof by yourself, then be sure you understand the fundamental principles of installing the particular system that you choose.

Prices provided here are meant as a general guideline only, and will vary depending on your location, contractor, and the difficulty of your roof.

Steel Shingles Total Cost Installed

Steel shingle roofs cost around $800 to $1,000 per square fully installed including materials and warranty on professional installation. Steel shingle roofs are protected by a layer of zinc and aluminum to prevent corrosion, which should give you about 50 years of service life under normal conditions.


Aluminum Shingles Total Cost Installed

If you live near coastal area where the air contains a higher concentration of salt, you should choose aluminum as a metal roofing material, rather than steel. Installing aluminum shingles metal roofing will cost you about $1,000 to $1,200 per square for materials and installation.

Standing Seam Total Cost Installed

On the higher end of metal roofing products for residential homes you may choose to install standing seam, which will run you about $1,200 to $1,400 per square for materials and professional installation.

residential standing seam metal roof

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Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation Basics

Standing seam is the most popular style of metal roofing – both in residential and commercial building industries. It has also been the longest installed type of metal roof, dating back to when all metal roofing was hand-made from sheet metal – usually copper or tin. standing seam roof Today, standing seam roofs are commercially manufactured by tens if not hundreds of big manufacturers, and thousands of smaller roofing outfits with their own sheet metal shops and standing seam roll-forming machines.

We’ve recently added a complete installation guide that walks you through preparing a roof deck and installing roofing underlayment, installing eave, first metal roof panel with gable / rake trim, field panels, sidewall flashing, valley flashing and installation of hip & ridge caps, and includes a hands-on installation video.

Most standing seam metal roofs installed today are 24 gauge steel or .032 aluminum panels with high quality Kynar 500 paint coating, baked-on in seven layers (including primer) in a controlled factory environment when the metal coil is manufactured.

After the coil is slit to the right size, it is delivered to the “manufacturer” of metal roofs, and is roll-formed into pre-measured length panels, which can take place on a job site or in a metal shop, and then delivered to the job site, where they are installed on the roof.

Standing Seam

Most common profiles of standing seam roofs are 16″ panels; they are either snap-lock or mechanical lock profiles.

Snap lock standing seam allows installers to quickly install a metal roof by snapping one panel into a receiving lock of the previous panel.

Snap lock panels can be installed from left-to-right and vice-versa, and even from a center starter panel in either direction.

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